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True Life Stories

Bridge of Hope Student Gets Admission for BDS

Posted on Jan 13, 2015 in Stories | 0 comments

Santhosh is a graduate student from one Bridge of Hope center in Andhra Pradesh. He joined at Bridge of Hope in 2005. While growing up, his father worked in the private sector and earned 3,000 rupees per month, with which he took care of all the needs of their family and Santhosh’s studies. But soon, he no longer was able to handle everything with the money he earned. Seeing the need of the family, Santhosh and his younger brother were enrolled into a nearby Bridge of Hope center. They started receiving school supplies, hygiene items and food from the center, which was a great relief to their parents. They...

A Girl Who Quit Her Studies Once Can Now Return to School

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 in Stories | 3 comments

Nandana was born and brought up in a very poor family. She has five siblings. Her father is a daily wage laborer. He was a drunkard and spent all money he earned to buy alcohol instead of taking care of their family. Because of this, they lived in hunger and extreme poverty. So, her mother started going for work to feed them, but the money was not sufficient enough to meet all their needs. So, Nandana had to quit her studies and she started helping her mother in household works. When other kids of her age went school and enjoyed their freedom as a child happily, Nandana was bound...

No Longer Ready to Commit Suicide: Anjali’s Story

Posted on Oct 13, 2014 in Stories | 1 comment

Anjali is a student attending a Bridge of Hope center in Andhra Pradesh. When she was only three years old, Anjali was diagnosed with brain tumor. Even though her father was a daily wager and worked hard to meet the needs of their small family, he spent all their life savings for her treatments. He even borrowed money from others to save his little child from death. With the constant treatments, she was able to recover. But their happiness didn’t last long. Her father passed away due to an electric shock he received while he was working in a field. Because he was the family’s only source of support,...

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