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Posted on Jan 8, 2013 in Stories | 1 comment

A Child’s Life Was Changed



Sonu (aged 14) is one of the students at a Bridge of Hope Center in Maharashtra. He was enrolled in the center in January 2010. Presently, he is studying in 8th grade.

Sonu lost his mother when he was very small. After the death of his mother, his father did not take care of him. So, he was raised up by his grandmother.

Due to an extreme poverty of the family, Sonu started working in a hotel from his childhood.  Sonu began to engage in bad habits such as stealing his friend’s belongings and chewing tobacco. It was during that time, he got enrolled in the Bridge of Hope center. Even after Sonu joined the center, he still continued to steal and eat tobacco. He was caught up twice for stealing friend’s belongings in the center.

But the staff at the center took initiative to help this boy and paid special attention and care to him. They spent time with him, counseled him and prayed for him. It was hard to make him understand why he should not steal others’ belongings. But, it became possible as the care of the staff and the constant encouragement slowly brought a change in Sonu’s life. Finally, he completely stopped stealing and was freed from tobacco addiction.

His uncle is very happy by seeing the change in his life. He is studying well and his behavior and the relationship with other children has improved. His friends are also happy for him. Amazingly, he is turning to be one of the best students in the center.

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  1. Life changed… is Life saved….

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