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Posted on Feb 11, 2013 in Stories | 0 comments

A Life Transformed



Pooja (11 years old) is from a Bridge of Hope center in the state of Maharastra. Her father is a laborer and her mother is a home maker. They were leading a peaceful and comfortable life until the father started drinking alcohol and started created problems at home. Slowly, he was addicted to drugs too. The family lost peace.

Every day, Pooja’s father came home fully drunk and beaten his wife and children. When our Bridge of Hope center staff came to know these matters, they went and prayed for the family earnestly. As the result, he left all his bad habits such as drinking alcohol and beating wife and children. His life was changed fully.

Pooja’s father said, “My life is changed because of my two little children, who attend the Bridge of Hope center. They prayed for me and I also see that their lives have been transformed through Bridge of Hope. I want to see my children growing with the knowledge of God. I will live my life as a good father that my children can follow me in the days to come.”

Now, Pooja’s family is happy. As their father became loving and caring person for the family. By God’s grace, they are building a small home which they thought it won’t be possible anymore.

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