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Our History

According to a UN report, of the estimated 25,000 people who die every day in the world (3.5 deaths every second), a vast majority of them are children found in India. Nearly 1.8 million infants die each year in this country. One out of every two children under three is malnourished. In January 2012, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh described the findings of the Hunger and Malnutrition (HUNGaMA) report by the Naandi Foundation as “a national shame”. According to this report, which is based on a survey of more than one lakh children across six states, as many as 42 per cent of under-fives are underweight and 59 per cent of them suffer from severe stunting. The survey notes that the prevalence of malnutrition is significantly higher among children from low-income families.

Children from a BOH Center

Children from a Bridge of Hope center

Millions of kids are born in India every day into households that are below the poverty line, thus relinquished to a fate of bonded labour, child prostitution, abandonment, malnourishment and diseases. Hungry for food and starved of love, these children grow up despised for their social status.

It was with the aim of bringing hope to these millions of hopeless children that the Metropolitan of Believers Eastern Church started the Bridge of Hope initiative in 2004. Metropolitan Dr. K.P. Yohannan, was heartbroken by the great need of millions of children who lacked the basic necessities of life, and more importantly, hope.

As time has passed and as the Lord has provided resources, we were able to open hundreds of centres in the neediest communities throughout India and the surrounding nations. We hope to be able to positively impact the lives of 500,000 children and their families and communities in the near future.