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Posted on Apr 10, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

The Ache of a Mother’s Heart

Sabita’s heart was empty. As a single mother, she could not provide the education, food or clothing she wanted to give her three boys. Children in the surrounding villages were dying of chronic malnutrition at an alarming rate. As poor agricultural laborers in an arid district of Karnataka, most families earned a combined income of only 100 rupees.

Bridge of Hope India Provided Education to Achanda

Sabita longed for Achanda to have a good future.

Without her husband, Sabita struggled to make it on her own. Beside the pain of being abandoned for another woman when she was pregnant with her third son, Sabita suddenly found herself the sole provider for the family. Out of necessity her two older sons eventually started working. But Sabita wanted her youngest boy Achanda to have a chance to complete his education. The money was not enough, however, and he could not attend school regularly.

When Achanda was in seventh standard, Sabita found out about the local Bridge of Hope center. The center realized her family’s struggles and immediately enrolled Achanda.

“The Bridge of Hope center is providing my son good education, healthy food, clothes, bags and books,” Sabita said. “My son Achanda was not regular for school, but Bridge of Hope staff helped and encouraged him to attend the school without being absent. So he is continually going to school and has improved so much in his studies and other activities.” After many years of difficulty, Sabita’s burden has finally been lifted.

Even now, lakhs of mothers across India are aching like Sabita was because they cannot provide for the children they love. You can bring them hope by sponsoring a child today.

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