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Posted on Jan 21, 2013 in Stories | 1 comment

Bridge of Hope Brings Transformation In A Family



Renjith was born and brought up in a poor family in Kerala. He has father, mother and a sister. His father is a loading laborer and mother is a daily wage worker. His father was an alcohol addict, due to which he created a lot of problems in his family. He never cared for his children and family. Whenever he returned home from work, he used to beat his wife as well as his children under the influence of alcohol.

His father never spent any money for meeting the needs of his family; rather he spent it on alcohol. So his mother had to take care of the needs of the family all by herself. Every day, his father used to quarrel with his mother and as a result, they had no peace in their family.

Due to these situations at home, Renjith and his sister could not concentrate on their studies. So they were academically weak. Especially, Renjit got poor marks in all subjects. Even his teachers were so sad about him and his sister. The troubled situations at home, took a bad toll on Renjith’s life. It not only affected his academics but his mental and emotional health too.

He began to always worry about his family situation and their future. In addition to that he had learning disability and less memory power. He could barely concentrate on his studies. He had no interest to go to school at all. He was so lazy to study and never tried even to understand anything which his teachers taught him.

Renjith was enrolled in the Bridge of Hope center in September 2009. The teachers and staff of the center gave special care and attention to him. Our social workers kept visiting his home and counseled his father and encouraged him to take care of his family.

Since Renjith had learning disability and social phobia, the staff offered him special care and gave him more chance to intermingle with other children. Moreover, they provided individual tuition to him. Gradually he overcame his disabilities.

Now Renjith is one of the energetic and smart students of the center. His father’s character also has changed and he has begun to take care of his children and wife. On seeing these changes in the family, Renjith’s mother is so happy and she expresses her sincere gratitude to Bridge of Hope for bringing a transformation in her family.

Even at School, Renjith’s teachers are surprised to see his change. He now participates in all the competition, programs and other activities in the center as well as at school. Now, this family has peace and joy and they are leading a happy life.

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  1. Great work another family saved

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