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Posted on Aug 30, 2018 in News | 0 comments

Bridge of Hope Reaches Out to Kerala Flood Victims

The southern state of Kerala in India is witnessing the worst flooding in a century, which has left thousands of people homeless and a trail of destruction of lives and property. Families of around 200 children enrolled in Bridge of Hope from North Kerala region are also affected by the floods. Bridge of Hope is doing everything possible to help them and other families devastated by the natural calamity.

On 19th August 2018, Bridge of Hope teams consisting of staff members visited some of the flood-affected places in Wayanad, one of the most affected districts in the state. This hill district was heavily hit by landslides, flooding, landslips and land subsidence which forced thousands of people to take shelter at relief camps.

One of the Bridge of Hope teams provided freshly cooked meal to 225 people in a relief camp in Mananthavady. They also distributed dry ration items consisting of 5 quintal rice, sugar, tea powder and green gram and house hold items to affected families.

Another team visited a relief camp in Nadavayal where they distributed new clothes to the people in the camp. The staff also distributed household items like door mats, buckets, mug, and cleaning items such as floor cleanser, soap and detergent powder. In addition to this, they provided rice, sugar, tea powder and grocery items to 322 people at three places. The tailoring unit run by this Bridge of Hope also made cloth bags for people staying in the nearby relief camp.

Ration kits consisting of 5 kilograms of rice and 2 kilograms of sugar were distributed to 30 families by one of the Bridge of Hope teams.

Besides supplying food, clothes and essential items to people in relief camps, Bridge of Hope staff also helped in providing firewood for cooking at relief camps and cleaning flood-affected homes.

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