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Posted on Mar 8, 2014 in News | 8 comments

Colours of Hope 2014 – The Results

Bridge of Hope conducted the Annual Drawing and Painting competition, Colours of Hope in all its project centers on January 26th, 2014. The children were given an opportunity to stimulate their imagination and exhibit their drawing skills. Altogether 19,697 children participated in the event. The competition was held under four themes for different age groups.

Here are the Top Three drawings from each group selected based on the Online Voting. Thank you all for participating in the voting process.


Theme : A Beautiful Garden (Age : 4-7 years)

1st Prize

Tukam, Dhemaji

2nd Prize

Kukumoni, Dhemaji

3rd Prize

Chandan, Lucknow


Theme : My School (Age : 8-10 years)

1st Prize

Piyali, Kolkata

2nd Prize

Paramananda, Dhemaji

3rd Prize

Emanual, Lucknow


Theme : I am an Indian (Age : 11-13 years)

1st Prize

Hulgawa, Goa

2nd Prize

Sudip, Kolkata

3rd Prize

Neha, Goa


Theme : Traffic on Indian Road (Age : 14-17 years)

1st Prize

Raj, Delhi

2nd Prize

Bhaskar, Jorhat

3rd Prize

Sumathi, Tenkasi



  1. nice drawings

  2. nice creations…

  3. Wonderful to see the amazing talents of our kids. May God give them more wisdom!

  4. Congratulations! to all the winners ….

  5. very nice drawing god bless you all children….

  6. amazing drawings. god bless u kuttiees…………….

  7. Congratulations to all the Winners!!! Keep it up….

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