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Family Survives Through Sewing

One of our Bridge of Hope centers is situated in a hilly village in Uttarakhand. The population of this village is approximately 9000. The people depend on daily wages for their needs. Seeing the need of the society a Bridge of Hope center was started in 2005. In the beginning we had 100 students in this center, who come from poor families.

Vocational tailoring classes for women was started  in 2011. Our staff made a survey and found the needy people. They encouraged the women to make use of our tailoring classes to make life better. We got good response from the local people and 40 women were enrolled for the first batch training.  35 women were successfully graduated from our center in the month of August 2011.

Mrs. Trimulla (35 years old) is one among them. She comes from a poor family. She has two sons and two daughters. She looks after her children at home. She used to do the cultivation for the survival of the family. While she was learning tailoring classes, she was so much attentive towards theoretical as well as practical learning. She was found sharp in learning and presenting.



On the other side, her family was going through deep discouragement as her husband was suffering from throat cancer. He was taken to hospital for treatment; but there was no improvement. This took the family to the brink of breakdown, because he was the only bread winner of the family. The money which they had spent for his treatment led them into poverty.

So, Trimulla was finding difficulty to meet the family needs. After a long struggle, her husband passed away in February 2012. It was a great lost for the family. After this Trimulla had been facing financial crisis, struggling to feed her children and herself. At the same time, she was worried about her children and their future; because she was finding it difficult to feed the children and send them school. There was no hope for her family and children. All the relatives and her much-loved have left her alone. Several times, she approached her relatives for help, but there was no response. Trimulla was left alone along with her four kids in a muddy-house. One of her daughter Shilpi is studying in our Bridge of Hope center. She is in 5th grade. The entire family was in extreme poverty.

Trimulla with her children

Trimulla with her children

Meanwhile, Trimulla made use of her tailoring work, which she learned during her tailoring classes. She went to a near by town and requested people to give their cloth for stitching if they have. She started stitching and earned money. Gradually, the condition of their family changed and they are doing well. Today, Trimulla is earning Rupees 80-100 per day.

If Bridge of Hope had not taught me how to stitch, I would have struggled and lost in poverty. My husband was the income source for our family, after he left us we were disappointed but I will not loose my heart, I will use my talent for the survival of my family. The loss of the father for my children will never be replaced with any thing, but I am happy that I am able to help my family and send them to school. It is because of Bridge of Hope.

says Trimulla. Now she is very much grateful to Bridge of Hope for the care, love for her.

Now, she is happy that she is able to support her children whereas many women in her village have never been able to restore their families. The people in the village are happy that the Bridge of Hope is teaching and molding their children’s lives.

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