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Forced Marriage



Renuka is a 12-year-old girl living in one of the remote villages of Jharkhand. When she was four years old, her father passed away. Two years later, her mother got married to another man and left her. Since then her grandparents who were farmers have been taking care of her.

Though her grandparents took care of her and met all her needs, she missed her mother a lot, but her mother never came back. Renuka was very sad about this and many times she used to weep.

She got enrolled in the Bridge of Hope center in April, 2008. She was admitted in eighth grade. She got a new vision and hope for her future. She also could make new friends in the center.

Her uncle wanted her to get marry soon, so that he could take her land which her father had left for her. With this intent, he started to look for a man who could get married to her. He found a man who showed  willingness to marry Renuka. They finalized the date for the marriage without the knowledge of Renuka, and forced her to get married to him.

The marriage took place on May 29, 2012. Though she and her grandparents had opposed the marriage, her uncle did not listen to any of them. However, after the marriage, Renuka did not go with the bridegroom. She ran to her relative’s home. Few days later she was found by her uncle, and was forced to go to the home of bridegroom.

It was during this time, one of the social workers at the Bridge of  Hope center happened to visit her home. He just wanted to know the reason why Renuka was not coming to the Bridge of Hope center for tuition. As he went there he learned about her marriage.

He met with her uncle, and he told him that it was a crime to force a minor girl. He then explained to about government rules and regulations on forced marriages of minors and after hearing this got scared and he agreed to let Renuka continue her studies.

Renuka was brought to the home of the Project Manager Mrs. Himangini. Since that day she has been staying at Himangini’s home and continuing her studies.

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