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Sponsor A Child


Hungry for food and starved for love, thousands of children in Asia grow up despised because of their social status. It is nearly impossible to escape this miserable poverty. Bonded labor, child prostitution, abandonment and disease crowd out their dreams. Millions of children are left without any hope for a brighter future.

Through Bridge of Hope, you can replace

  • Their shame with dignity
  • Their fear with trust
  • Their despair with hope
  • Their bitterness with love

Bridge of Hope functions through Individual Sponsorship Program and through general funds contributed by donors.

Child Sponsorship is an extremely powerful way to help these children. It connects you with a child who needs your help, and enables you to provide dramatic change in that child’s life.  Sponsoring a child can lift him/her from hopelessness and despair to a future with opportunity. Your gift of compassion helps to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and help the child develop holistically.

Your sponsorship of Rs.800 per month per child ensures the child:  

  • An education
  • A nutritious meal each day
  • A yearly medical checkup
  • Basic school & hygiene need 

Here is how it works

Bridge of Hope makes it possible for underprivileged children to attend school – something that has always been beyond their reach. We pay for their school uniforms and basic school needs, such as stationeries, school bags and note books.

Each day, after school the sponsored child goes to a Bridge of Hope center where they are helped with their school work, receives a nutritious meal and are given love and encouragement needed to reach their God-given potential.

“Throughout the world more than 150 million children between the ages 4-14 are involved in child labour. The worst fate of all awaits little girls who end up trapped in prostitution. Some are kidnapped or tricked into it and worse, some are sold by their parents themselves. There are more than 1.2 million children involved in prostitution in India. It is hard to realize this is not a novel, or a movie; this is not even a nightmare. This is a reality – for millions of children on the earth at this very hour. Looking into their faces you won’t see innocence and trust, but rather hunger, pain, suspicion and fear. Is there an answer to their suffering? What can we do to bring them hope?” – Dr. K. P. Yohannan, The Metropolitan Bishop of Believers Church


Bridge of Hope meets the stringent requirements for 80G certification set forth by the Indian Government. As a certified 80G humanitarian organization, donations are tax deductible.