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Posted on Jan 11, 2013 in Stories | 1 comment

Hope Into The Life Of A Slum Girl



Deepika, aged 9 is one of the students of Bridge of Hope center in a village in  Rajasthan.

In May 2012, as the staff at Bridge of Hope center went to visit some of the parents of the children in the slum area close, they saw Deepika sitting near her hut with her little brother. They looked gloomy, dejected and undernourished. Their dresses were worn-out and untidy.

The staff members went to her and asked her name. She replied, “Deepika”. Upon enquiring about her family, they came to understand that her father passed away last year. Deepika is the older child and she has two younger brothers. After the death of her father, Deepika’s mother Laxmi started working as a domestic servant to earn money for providing for her children. But, she could not earn adequate money to meet the daily needs of the family. Mostly, the children had to survive with only one meal a day. Consequent to their financial crisis, neither Deepika nor her brothers went to school. They were under dire poverty.

Having learnt the condition of this family, our staff consoled Deepika and prayed for her. The very next day, the staff of the center visited Deepika’s house to met her mother. While they were talking with Deepika’s mother, she was crying about all the misfortunes that had happened to her.  Our staff comforted her and convinced her to send Deepika to school.

Laxmi Devi agreed to send her children to school. Soon, our staff helped Deepika to get admission in a nearby Government School. Although, she is 9 years old, since she had never gone to school and so she was admitted in the 1st grade. Deepika was excited as she got admission in the school. Deepika was also enrolled in the Bridge of Hope center in June 2012.

Deepika started attending school as well as coming to Bridge of Hope center on a regular basis. She was taken good care of by the Bridge of Hope center by helping her in her school lessons, by providing for her good clothes and nutritious food. Through the various  activities of the center, she was able to get over all the misfortunes that happened to her in the past. She is now a happy child mingling easily with other children and the staff. Deepika’s mother articulated her gratitude towards the works of Bridge of Hope.

In this way our Bridge Of Hope is bringing hope into the lives of hopeless people in the community.

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  1. Doing great things for the poor and underprivileged children.Thousands of children are blessed across the country.

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