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Posted on Sep 22, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

Hope into the Life of a Polio-Affected Kid and His Family

Shyam is a polio-affected second standard student in a Bridge of Hope center in Andhra Pradesh.

Hope into the Life of a Polio-Affected Kid and His FamilyHis father passed away when he was two and the responsibility for caring for the family fell upon his mother’s shoulders. His mother worked as a laborer to earn some income to feed Shyam and his sister. But her income was too small and she was unable to provide them proper education, good clothes or healthy food. This was a constant reason for her worries and she always wept thinking about their future.

During this time, his mother met with Bridge of Hope staff, and with tears, shared all their problems with them. So, they decided to enroll Shyam and his sister into our center. They also gifted Shyam a wheel chair. Now he comes to the center using this wheel chair.

When he joined Bridge of Hope, he was very weak in his studies and was unable to interact properly with others. But with the constant help of Bridge of Hope staff, he improved in his studies and showed a remarkable improvement in his manners as well. He is now a happy and active child of that center.

“I never thought that my children would get good education, food or wear good clothes,” said his mother. “Thank you so much for giving both my children admission in your center, gifting him this wheel chair and changing their lives forever.”

Like Shyam, many children are being transformed by the efforts of Bridge of Hope. You can be part of changing the life of a child.

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