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Posted on Sep 1, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

Little Savings Help This Boy to Pay His School Fees



Sanal is a ten-year-old child from one of our Bridge of Hope centers in Nagaland. His family background was so poor and his parents were daily wage laborers.

One day, his parents told him that they were unable to pay his school fees because they didn’t have sufficient money, but the child just returned them a bright smile.

He brought a small pot and handed it over to his parents. When they opened and saw the money he collected inside that pot, they were so surprised with the little kid’s attitude and the way he used to save his pocket money. It was more than enough to pay for his fees.

Previously, during the Parent’s Day celebration held at the Bridge of Hope center, the speaker spoke about “The importance of saving money”. This inspired the small boy to gather all his pocket money that he used to get from his uncles or aunts to buy sweets or chocolates.

“We are so grateful to Bridge of Hope for molding up my son’s character.” said his mother “After he joined at Bridge of Hope, his studies also have improved”.  Now they have a great hope for his future.

Bridge of Hope is helping shape the character and the future of thousands of such young lives. You can also be a part of changing the life of a child.

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