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Posted on Oct 2, 2013 in Stories | 1 comment

How Netravati Stopped Skipping Classes

Bridge of Hope Child Odisha


Little Netravati was very poor in her studies—especially in English and mathematics. She often skipped classes because she could not understand them. Her parents, unable to afford a tutor, could offer little help.

As a daily laborer in Odisha, her father found it difficult to even provide sufficient food for their family of five. So when he saw what Bridge of Hope was doing for local children in need, he enrolled Netravati in the project center. Seeing her academic struggles, the Bridge of Hope staff gave her individual attention in her weakest subjects. They also encouraged her to take part in project center activities like singing, dancing and sports.

Netravati started going to school regularly, scoring good marks in her exams and doing well in various competitions. Her behavior also improved through the moral values and manners she learned at Bridge of Hope.

These days, she enjoys running races and hopes to become a nurse when she grows up. She wants to help others just like Bridge of Hope helped her.

Bridge of Hope is making sure that Netravati can continue her education despite her family’s poverty. This has given her bright hopes for the future. You can help an impoverished child like Netravati to reach his or her potential.

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  1. So happy that the way Bridge of Hope is ensuring the children education is continuing!

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