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Posted on Oct 13, 2014 in Stories | 1 comment

No Longer Ready to Commit Suicide: Anjali’s Story

Anjali is a student attending a Bridge of Hope center in Andhra Pradesh.

From Death to Life: Bridge of Hope Brings Hope to Anjali’s Life

When she was only three years old, Anjali was diagnosed with brain tumor. Even though her father was a daily wager and worked hard to meet the needs of their small family, he spent all their life savings for her treatments. He even borrowed money from others to save his little child from death. With the constant treatments, she was able to recover.

But their happiness didn’t last long. Her father passed away due to an electric shock he received while he was working in a field. Because he was the family’s only source of support, her mother decided to commit suicide with Anjali and her sister.

During this time, a Bridge of Hope staff met Anjali’s mother. She was crying desperately while she shared about all the difficulties they have faced all their lives. Seeing her great despair, the staff comforted her and told her to send Anjali to Bridge of Hope. Anjali was enrolled to the center when she was ten.

The visit of our staff not only made Anjali’s mother give up the idea of committing suicide, but also gave her inspiration to go ahead in their lives.

Anjali was an average student when she joined the center. But with the help of our tutors, she gradually improved in her studies. She completed 10th with 82 percentage of marks and 12th with 87 percentage of marks. She achieved 4th rank in her community.

Now, she dreams of becoming a teacher and serving the little kids in her community.

“Thank you so much for helping me to study and also for providing me school supplies and healthy food,” said Anjali, with heartfelt thanks, “Bridge of Hope centers are really a great blessing to children like me, who do not come from good financial backgrounds.”

Bridge of Hope is making an immense impact on thousands of such young lives. You can be a part of changing the life of a child.

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1 Comment

  1. I love the way Bridge hope is Sharing the hope to the communities with desperate need. Specially to children, its really makes me feel good when people are touched with love, and are being transformed.

    I always go through the stories and impact which BOH is making through…….

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