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Parents Honoured During Parents’ Day Celebration

July 27th is celebrated as Parents’ Day in many countries. Bridge of Hope used this occasion to honour the parents for their selfless commitment and the sacrifices they make for their children. Most of the Bridge of Hope centers organized several programs with the theme ‘honour your parents’.


In the programs held in the Bridge of Hope centers in Karnataka, the children welcomed their parents by giving them handmade gifts. Some centers organized football game for the fathers and many members from the local community took part in the game. The importance of parenthood and moral values were also discussed in the program.

Parents Honored During Parents Day Celebration

Madhya Pradesh:

Children welcomed their parents by putting garlands, bouquet and touching their feet in order to show their love and respect. The centers organized games like musical chair, passing the parcel, quiz competition etc. The parents were encouraged to be role models for their children because ‘parents are the first teachers of every child.’


Children in the Bridge of Hope centers in Manipur welcomed their parents with garlands made by them. Local political leaders attended the program and took part in the discussion about ‘responsible parenting’. Programs like singing, short story etc were held for the parents and children. A quiz competition for the parents was also held.


The cultural dances and skits performed by parents were the highlights in the Parents’ Day celebrations in the Bridge of Hope centers in Punjab. Various games like lemon race, musical chair, balloon games and banana eating contest were conducted for the parents.

In one of the centers, an Ex-Municipal Commissioner attended this program and spoke about the importance of maintaining a good relationship between parents and children.

Tamil Nadu:

In Tamil Nadu, the parents were taught about child care, personal hygiene and managing the income in the family. Parents took part in many games like Lemon and Spoon, Musical chairs, Water filling, Ring throw etc. At the end of the program there was a gift distribution.

Uttar Pradesh:

The Bridge of Hope centers in Uttar Pradesh saw political leaders, government officials attending the Parents’ Day program along with children and their parents. The children performed dance, songs and skits for their parents. In some centers the parents performed cultural songs and dances for their children. At the end of the program the children were presented with a packet which comprise of an umbrella, bath soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, talcum powder and notebooks.

West Bengal:

Children welcomed their parents by putting ‘khada’ a traditional garland to show their respect and love. The parents performed cultural dances and the children performed a skit and action song. The parents were advised to spend quality time with their children.

Bridge of Hope focuses on the holistic development of children by helping them to strengthen family values reach their potential. You can be a part of this movement by sponsoring a child.

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