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Posted on Jan 28, 2013 in Stories | 1 comment

“She Wants To Be A Doctor”



There is a Bridge of Hope center in a village in the Karnataka. In this village many children have no access to education because of poverty and most of the residents are extremely poor and are ready to do any kind of work as daily wage laborers  Most of the parents send their children for work in-order to meet the basic needs of the family.

Sanju is one such daily wage worker and the only bread winner providing for his family that includes his wife and three children. Jessica is their oldest child. He found it difficult to feed and to take care of the children’s education as he earns very little.

Meanwhile, he heard about Bridge of Hope Center in the village that was helping many children by providing all the basic needs of a child. He rushed to the center and explained all the struggles of his family and requested that his three children be enrolled in the center.

After joining the Bridge of Hope center, a gradual change happened in Jessica’s life and she was extremely happy for everything that she was offered. Jessica is one of the brilliant students in the center and actively participates in all the activities.

Jessica is 11 years old and has many friends in the center. Her favorite subject is English but she finds Mathematics a bit hard to digest. The present coordinator says, “Jessica is very good in her studies as well as a good dancer and takes active participation in all the activities. When she was enrolled in the center her ambition was to become a teacher but now she wants to be a doctor!”.

1 Comment

  1. Life @daily wage laborers..
    Wish @to becoming a doctor..
    I pray that her wish comes true… All glory to God

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