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Tears Of Gratitude In A Mother’s Eyes



A Bridge of Hope center was started in a remote village in the state of Uttarakhand in 2009 which now has around 100 children.

Mrs. Anita is a cook in this center, who comes from a poor family. Mrs. Anita’s daughter Taniya (10 years old) is also a student in the center. Anita has a son and three daughters including Taniya. On September 13, 2011 Bridge of Hope conducted a medical camp for the children, in which all the staff and students participated. Our staff had invited a doctor, who is a child specialist for medical camp. While he was checking up the students, the doctor found that Taniya has some problem. He said “I guess Taniya has a hole in her heart.” He prescribed some tests for the confirmation. After hearing this, Taniya’s mother was sad thinking about what might happen to her daughter. Taniya’s mother is not much educated. She was very distraught as did not know how to go about doing these tests.

Taniya’s father was passed away long back. Taniya is studying in 5th grade and she is good in her studies. When she came to know that she had to go through an operation she was afraid. Our Bridge of Hope center coordinator Mrs. Esther encouraged Taniya’s mother not to lose heart but trust in the Lord. Mrs. Esther took the responsibility and necessary steps for Taniya’s treatment and took her to a doctor in Bharat Heart Institute at Dehradun. After some tests, it was confirmed that she had a hole in her heart. It could be dangerous for her and anything can happen at any time.

Mrs. Esther Dass informed to Taniya’s mother about her condition and about the need for an operation. The operation costs around Rupees 3.5 Lakhs. It was a huge amount for Anita because she was the only bread winner in the family. She had no hope for her daughter.

The Bridge of hope staff had been comforting her that the Almighty God will take care of everything. Our staff started to pray and meet some people for fund. The surrounding 11 centers contributed a small amount. Meanwhile, Mrs. Esther came to know about Pant Hospital in New Delhi where surgery can be done. Taniya had to be taken to Delhi for further tests but there was no one to take her. Her mother never went out of her village. Moreover, there was no money with them.

Mrs. Esther took Taniya to Pant Hospital in New Delhi. She met Dr. Sumod Kurian (Heart Surgeon) who had done many tests and finalized that she had to go through an operation. Due to the unavailability of the doctors Taniya was taken many times to New Delhi for some more tests, which had to be done before operation. The doctor gave them different days and our sister Esther attended there with Taniya.

During this period Taniya’s mother and family was very grateful to Believers church and Bridge of Hope for all the financial help and support. For the successful operation they needed Rupees 3 to 4 Lakhs. Mrs. Esther came to know that under the Prime Minister’s fund, the poor and needy people are helped. She went to an officer and shared about Taniya’s condition. The officer agreed to give 3 Lakhs for Taniya’s operation, which was be given directly to the hospital. It was great news for them.

Taniya’s operation was successfully done on April 21, 2012. Few days later, she came back to home. Mrs. Anita (Taniya’s mother) does not have words to thank Bridge of Hope except tears for helping them. She said, “No one can do this much for others in this world, . May God bless you sister Esther.”

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