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Posted on Apr 10, 2013 in Stories | 4 comments

Thrown Away Child’s Life Is Restored



Tejaswini is a five year old girl from a village in Karnataka. When she was born she looked abnormal. Her father threw her away in the hospital garbage as he was not willing to accept her. When her aunt came to know about this, she took the baby to her home and adopted her.

She was brought up with much love and affection by her aunt and grandparents who were daily wage laborers. As Tejaswini grew up her appearance became normal. At present she is a first grade student at a government school. She was enrolled at the Bridge of Hope center in her village. After joining the center, she is able to overcome her shyness and is improving in her studies. Today, an overall development in her personality is seen. Her parents who live nearby now want Tejaswini back.

Her aunt says, “It’s a great blessing for me to adopt my sister’s daughter into my family.”


  1. Great blessing… restored.
    Praise God

  2. Only Lord will decide who is normal or abnormal. A mortal man can not decide the future of the child.

  3. A pearl – precious to see and of great value develops safe within an oyster shell when given time. So does a tender child when given a chance.

    Appreciate this dear child’s Aunty for the warmth and care she has shown, this will continue to be reflected in this dear child’s life.

    Highly appreciate the works BOH is involved in, resulting in many children being blessed.

    God bless.

  4. Bridge of Hope is doing great things for the marginalized children of our nation.

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