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What We Do

Bridge of Hope, a childcare project of Believers Church is committed to serve the least and the last. After all, if you want a nation to be developed, it has to start from the community. Hence, Bridge of Hope not only focuses on education and nutrition, but also undertakes other developmental activities with the aim to bring about the physical, intellectual and socio-political growth of a child.

Through a holistic approach, Bridge of Hope equips children in the following areas:


educationBridge of Hope centers gives informal education to the underprivileged children thereby liberating them from the darkness of illiteracy, ignorance and exploitation. Our project centers complement formal school education through extra tuition classes and assisting the children in completing school assignments. It also prepares the students for regular academic and competitive examinations. Spoken English is an important aspect of the teaching process.


Emotional Growth 

emotional-growthOur staff seeks to help each child achieve emotional maturity and a sense of confidence which are essential strengths for a balanced life. We encourage them not to base their future on the past, but to move on to their full potential.


Character Building 

character-buildingBridge of Hope emphasizes a disciplined value-based education which builds character. Our goal is to prepare children to become good responsible citizens of their nation. The children regularly learn moral values and manners which enable them to respect authority and care for the needs of others.


Medical Care 

medical-careBridge of Hope has a fundamental concern for each child’s health. Children are also taught good healthy habits of good hygiene, such as hand washing, trimming fingernails, brushing teeth and bathing regularly so that they can lead a healthy, productive life. Regular medical camps are conducted to monitor health, educate the public about healthy choices and provide care as needed. These camps provide essential medical aid not only to the children, but also to the parents and the community who are often unable to afford a doctor. In case of serious illness, the children are referred to local hospitals.


Nutritious Meal

nutritious-mealThe normal physical growth of children is facilitated by providing nutritious diet program to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.


Social Awareness

social-awarenessThe children at Bridge of Hope centers are given social awareness through participation in rallies, and stage programs on social issues such as HIV/ AIDS, Tuberculosis, Illiteracy, child labor, unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and tobacco use etc.


Parental Involvement

parental-involvement-2We invest not only in the children, but also in their parents. Our staff members visit parents/ guardians and conduct special training programs for them and the community. Topics covered include general awareness on child care, health and hygiene, good parenting child labor and family planning etc.


Other activities of Bridge of Hope include:

  • Training and equipping children through skill building programs that promotes volunteerism and civic sense.
  • Working in close cooperation with the child’s family and the society.
  • Concurrently equipping the parents of the child by offering literacy and skill building classes such as tailoring and other income generating training.
  • Observing community day where children are taught to plant trees and keep their surroundings clean.
  • Conducting educational field trips to factories, police stations, fire stations, post offices, hospital etc to show the children how these offices function.
  • Organizing Annual Day, Sports Day and exhibitions where students can participate to show their talents.
  • Distribution of Vitamin A capsules and deworming tablets.
  • Helping parents in self-employment by giving vocational training for women, distribution of self-sustainable gifts such as cattle, carpentry tools, sewing machines, bicycles and push trolleys for street vending.