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World Environment Day Observed

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. Bridge of Hope joined the world in celebrating this day by conducting several program across its project centers.


Bridge of Hope centers in Delhi observed the World Environment Day on 5th June. Altogether 741 children and 155 community members participated in this program.

Some project centers conducted rallies with slogans to create awareness about practical steps to take to protect the environment. Saplings were planted in the project center premises. Some students were also involved in cleaning the public places and encouraging people to keep the surroundings more clean and hygienic.


The project centers in Jharkhand organised various programs on this occasion. The children were taught about the environment and its impact on us. They were encouraged to keep the surroundings clean and avoid using ploythene bags. The parents along with their children took part in the community programs like planting saplings, participating in rallies etc.


The Bridge of Hope project centers in Kerala conducted several programs on World Environment Day. About 3000 students and 1100 community members participated. Forest department officials and other important guests were called to educate the children and the community about the environment.

Rallies were organised carrying banners and placards with slogans on keeping the planet green. Saplings were planted in public places. Awareness skits were conducted on protecting the planet for tomorrow.


All the project centers in Sikkim observed the World Environment Day. Rallies were conducted, saplings were planted, public places surrounding the project center were cleaned. The project centers also got help from other Self Help Groups and clubs.


The project centers in Tripura educated the children and their parents about the need to protect the environment around us. They were encouraged to plant trees and use less plastic as they are harmful to the planet.

Andhra Pradesh

The project centers across Andhra Pradesh observed the World Environment Day. Children conducted cleaning programs near public places like schools, libraries, police stations, village panchayats etc and planted saplings. Some centers invited forest officials to teach the children about environment.

Bridge of Hope focuses on holistic development of children by equipping them not only to grow into responsible citizens, but also to reach their potential. You can be a part of this movement by sponsoring a child.

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